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Epson Dot Matrix Printer Products; 9 Pin Wide & 9 Pin Narrow

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EPSON DOT MATRIX 9 PIN NARROW: LX-300+ II IMPACT PRINTER SPECT: * Offers greater flexibility with serial, parallel and USB ports * Prints up to 337 cps in High-speed Draft Mode * Delivers an MTBF rating of 6, 000 POH. Produces upto 400 million strokes/ wire * Handles up to 5-part forms with ease * Prints clear, sharp text ' Now with serial, parallel and USB ports' Designed for demanding work environments, the Epson. LX-300+ II offers the speed, reliability and user-friendly features you need for critical business requirements. You get powerful performance, plus easy system integration with Parallel and Serial ports, as well as fast USB connectivity. This compact performer presents the perfect value for your busy workgroup, tackling high-volume, multipart print jobs with ease. Best of all, it' s backed by legendary Epson reliability and a two-year limited warranty. The Epson LX-300+ II prints up to 337 characters per second ( 12 characters per inch) in High-speed Draft Mode and handles up to 5-part forms. With its narrow format and durable, 9-pin technology, this hard-working printer handles virtually any task, including inventory reports, spreadsheets, receipts, invoices, packing slips, check runs and customer shipping labels. Plus, its compact size makes it ideal for that busy workroom with limited counter space. At 49 dB, the Epson LX-300+ II is quieter than most impact printers. And, because it' s from Epson, you know you can count on it in any situation. Boasting a mean-time-between-failure rating of 6, 000 power-on-hours, it offers remarkable reliability. In addition, its printhead produces up to 400-million strokes/ wire, ensuring the long life you require from a high performance printer. Built to handle all your critical tasks, the Epson LX-300+ II features multiple paper paths for greater versatility. It also includes eight built-in bar codes so you can customize documents as needed. 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